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J20 Tall Stack Pancakes

Brunch in Alexandria, VA

Nothing takes a weekend to the next level than a gourmet brunch with friends, family, or simply your own good company, and there’s no better place for it in Alexandria, Virginia than Jackson 20!

Midmorning/Midday Magic at Jackson 20

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and meanwhile neglecting lunch tends to translate to a whole lot of crankiness some afternoon. Brunch, of course, splits the difference and gives you a sort of “best of both worlds” situation—and if it’s a Jackson 20 brunch, it’s liable to be the absolute highlight of your day, if not your weekend.

The Jackson 20 brunch menu comes fit for royalty, stacked with exquisite dishes that’ll encourage your long, leisurely attention amid our high-end tavern atmosphere—the sort of ambience that invites a full and lingering appreciation of the meal and the moment.

Brunch Offerings at Jackson 20

So what exactly are we serving up for a bit of Saturday and Sunday bliss here at our King Street restaurant in The Alexandrian hotel? Well, the works, basically: perfect embodiments of our upscale take on classic Southern-inflected American tavern fare.

You can hew to the elegantly simple end of the spectrum with, say, our Bagel & Scottish Salmon, generously sprinkled with capers, dressed with pickled red onion and arugula, and suited up in smooth cream cheese: two slices of heaven, basically! Or perhaps you’ll go with our berry- and whipped-cream-topped waffles, or our hearty and healthy Steel Rolled Oatmeal, or the defining regional flavors of Biscuits & Gravy.

Speaking of defining, it’s hard to resist one of our signature Jackson 20 dishes anchoring the brunch menu: our Chicken & Waffle, a half-waffle paired with fried chicken breast and thigh and lathered up in maple syrup. This is definitely what you need, whether you know it or not.

Then you’ve got our old-school (in a good way) Eggs Benedict and Crab Cake Benedict, our luxurious French Toast (made with cinnamon raisin bread, powdered sugar, maple syrup, and your choice of grilled ham, sausage or applewood-smoked bacon), and our utterly seductive Slow-Cooked Beef Brisket Hash, which incorporates over-easy eggs, Idaho potatoes, green peppers, and sweet onion.

Given brunch relaxes the “rules” a bit, you’re more than welcome to tilt more toward the lunch end of the spectrum with our J20 Tavern Burger, B.E.L.T. sandwich, or Carolina BBQ Pork Sliders.

Brunch Cocktails

In place of (or alongside) fine La Colombe coffee drinks, Mighty Leaf teas, or fresh juices, perhaps you’ll mark your Jackson 20 brunch with one of our zesty and festive cocktails: the Blackberry Fizz, the Peach Bellini, or the Stemmed Fruit. Your meal will be worth toasting over, believe us… 

Make Your Brunch Reservations at Jackson 20 Today

We hope you’ll give weekend brunch at Jackson 20 a try, but we must advise you that few of our patrons never make it simply one brunch: This tends to become a tradition mighty quickly.


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